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HydraForce was founded in 1985, just north of Chicago by several partners who had the foresight to identify the mobile equipment industry's need for high quality hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds. Today, we've grown to several manufacturing locations in North America, Europe and Asia, featuring a worldwide network of 120 stocking distributors who can provide our customers with all the local support they need.

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US 847-793-2300
UK +44 121 333 1800
China +86 519 6988 1200 Brazil +55 (11) 4786-4555

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High Quality, Precision Manufacturing

By maintaining precise control of the fit and clearances in critical valve subassemblies, HF is able to create high quality products that perform consistently. Utilizing precise procedures and state-of-the-art assembly equipment enables HF to meet critical tolerances for more efficient hydraulic circuits.

Our equipment includes the following:

  • Automated honing/bore-sizing equipment to .00005 tolerances.

  • Automated parts cleaning and assembly equipment.

We utilize the most advanced equipment and processes for machining, assembly and product testing.


Product Qualification

HydraForce's product qualification policy includes life testing per NFPA standards. Generally, all HydraForce standard products are tested for at least "million cycle" capability. Other qualification testing can be done to meet specific customer requirements.