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HP16-21 — Hand Pump
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HP16-20 Hand Pump Valve

HP16-20 Valve symbol


HP16-21 Flow Chart
A screw-in, cartridge-style, push- or pull-type hand pump with two built-in checks.

The HP16-20 provides hydraulic flow to 21.3 cc (1.3 cu. in.) per stroke, at pressures
to 96 bar (1500 psi).
Note: As with any mechanical hydraulic actuator (piston rods, rotating pump shaft, etc.) the shaft will become coated with a minute amount of oil from the internal high pressure system. The rod protruding from the hand pump may feel damp with oil after use. This is desirable because the oil coating serves to lubricate the shaft seal, reducing friction and assuring extended seal life.

• Hardened parts for long life.
• Handle Beam rotates 360°.
• Push or pull linkage standard.
• Displacement up to 21.3 cc (1.3 cu in.) per stroke.
• Heavy duty construction.
• Industry-common cavity.

System Pressure: 207 bar (3000 psi)
Pressure Generated by HP16-21: 96 bar (1500 psi) maximum
Proof Pressure: 345 bar (5000 psi)
Internal Leakage: From port 2 to inside of pump: 5 drops/minute
   (0.25 cc/minute) max. at 207 bar (3000 psi)
Suction Pressure: 194 mm Hg (7.6 in. Hg, 104 in. H2O) less than
   atmospheric pressure
Temperature: -40 to 100°C (-40 to 212°F) with Buna seals;
   -26 to 204°C (-15 to 400°F) with fluorocarbon seals
Filtration: See page 9.010.1
Fluids: Mineral-based or synthetics with lubricating properties at viscosities
   of 7.4 to 420 cSt (50 to 2000 sus); See Temperature and Oil Viscosity,
   See page 9.060.1
Installation: No restrictions; See page 9.020.1
Cavity: VC16-2; See page 9.116.1_2w
Cavity Tool: CT16-2xx; See page 8.600.1
Seal Kit: SK16-2x-T; See page 8.650.1
Seal Rating: 125,000 cycles
Handle Kit: 16 in. handle, 2.65 kg. (1.2 lbs.),
   Part no. 6502340; Must be ordered separately


HP16-21 Valve Dimensions


Cartridge: Weight: 1.27 kg (2.8 lb); Steel with hardened work surfaces. Zinc-plated exposed surfaces; Buna N O-rings and back-ups standard.

Standard Ported Body: Weight:
0.57 kg (1.25 lb) Anodized high-strength aluminum alloy, rated to
207 bar (3000 psi). Ductile iron bodies available; dimensions may differ.
See page 8.016.1_2w

HP16-21 Ordering Chart

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