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HPD16-S50 — Piloted, 3-Way, Spool Valve, Vented Spring
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PD16-S50 Valve

PD16-S50 Valve symbol

A screw-in, cartridge-style, pilot-operated, spool-type, high pressure hydraulic directional valve
for three-way circuits requiring remote pilot actuation.

In neutral (unpiloted), the HPD16-S50 allows flow from 3 to 2 bidirectionally while flow is blocked at 4.
On remote pilot signal at 1, the valve shifts to allow flow between 3 and 4 while blocking at 2.
The spring chamber is vented to the tank through port 5, which is, optionally, O-ring sealed from the
cartridge flow paths. The vented spring chamber allows the valve to be fully pressurized at ports 1, 2, 3
and 4 without affecting required pilot pressure. Pressure at 5 will affect required pilot pressure.

• Hardened spool and cage for long life.
• All HyPerformance products are tested to the rigorous standards of the NFPA specification T2.6.1
   and are tested at a verification level of 90% and an assurance of 99%.

Operating Pressure: 350 bar (5075 psi); 10% cycle life: 420 bar (6090 psi)
   Note: All HyPerformance products are tested for 900K cycles at 350 bar and 100K at 420 bar
Proof Pressure: 690 bar (10000 psi)
Burst Pressure: 1380 bar (20000 psi)
Flow: Up to 151 lpm (40 gpm) with PPDI urethane seals. Up to 114 lpm (30 gpm) with sealed spool
   between ports 1 and 2 and restricted flow between ports 2 and 3 up to 57 lpm (15 gpm) maximum
Maximum Internal Leakage: at 350 bar (5075 psi) with 32 cSt oil:
   HPD16-S50: Ports 3-4: 246 ml/min. (15
      Ports 3-2: 410 ml/min. (25 Pilot Pressure 350 bar (5075 psi)
   HPD16-S50N: Ports 3-4: 328 ml/min. (20
      Ports 3-2: 492 ml/min. (30 Pilot Pressure 350 bar (5075 psi)
Temperature: -54° to 107°C (-65° to 275°F) with PPDI Urethane seals
Filtration: See page 9.010.1
Fluids: Mineral-based or synthetics with lubricating properties at viscosities of
   7.4 to 420 cSt (50 to 2000 sus); See Temperature and Oil Viscosity, page 9.060.1
Installation: No restrictions; See page 9.020.1
Cavity: HVC16-S5; See page 9.116.1_5w
Cavity Tool: HCT16-S5xx; See page 8.600.1
Seal Kit: HSK16-S5U-OOOO; See page 8.650.1


PD16-S50 Performance Chart

PD16-S50 Dimensions


Cartridge: Weight: 0.80 kg.
(1.75 lbs.); Steel with hardened work surfaces. Zinc-plated exposed surfaces; PPDI Urethane seals without backup rings standard.

Ported Body: Weight: 8.09 kg
(17.79 lbs) H-series ductile iron standard. Rated to 345 bar
(5000 psi).
See page 8.016_5w.

PD16-S50 Ordering Chart

Selection guide - similar valves.
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