Flow Control Valves

EC56-43 — Pressure Compensator, High Pressure, Priority-On_Demand, Dynamic Load Sense
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EC56-43 Valve

EC56-43 Valve symbol


A screw-in, cartridge-style, priority-on-demand, pressure-compensator with a dynamic
load sense, intended to provide priority flow in the required amount, while allowing excess
flow to be used for auxiliary functions. It is designed for use in high pressure, applications.

With inlet at port 3, the EC56-43 will deliver required priority flow at 4, regardless of load
pressure. Excess flow exits at 2. Port 1 is the load sense port. All ports may be fully pressurized.

• High pressure.
• Priority-on-demand
• Dynamic load-sense.
• Hardened parts for long life.
• Quiet, modulated response.
• Industry common cavity.
• Optional corrosion-resistant plating for 960-hour salt spray per ASTM B117.

Operating Pressure: 345 bar (5000 psi)
Proof Pressure: 690 bar (10,000 psi)
Burst Pressure: 1,275 bar (18,500 psi)
Input Flow Rating: 115 lpm (30 gpm) with 5.5 bar (80 psi) compensating spring;
   150 lpm (40 gpm) with 10.3 bar (150 psi) compensating spring;
   189 lm (50 gpm) with 15.2 bar (220 psi) compensating spring
Standard Compensator Bias Spring: 5.5 bar (80 psi)
Priority Flow Rating: 80% of input flow when priority pressure exceeds bypass
   pressure; 50% of input flow when bypass pressure exceeds priority pressure
Temperature: -54 to 107°C (-65 to 224°F) with polyurethane or urethane seals
Filtration: See page 9.010.1
Fluids: Mineral-based or synthetics with lubricating properties at viscosities of
   7.4 to 420 cSt (50 to 2000 sus); See Temperature and Oil Viscosity, page 9.060.1
Installation: No restrictions; See page 9.020.1
Cavity: VC16-4; See page 9.116.1_4w
Cavity Tool: CT16-4-xxx; See page 8.600.1
Seal Kit: SK16-4P-MMM for polyurethane seals; SK16-4U-0 for urethane seals; See page 8.650.1




EC56-43 Flow vs. Pressure


EC56-43  Flow vs. Load
EC56-43 Valve Dimensions



Cartridge:Weight: 0.74 kg (1.64 lb)
Steel with hardened work surfaces. Zinc-plated
exposed surfaces. Polyurethane or urethane
seals recommended for high pressure operation.

Ductile Iron Ported Body:

Weight: 3.76 kg (8.3 lbs) Ductile iron (code "D")
standard, rated to 345 bar (5000 psi).

Aluminum Ported Body: Weight: 1.39 kg
(3.07 lb) Anodized, high-strength aluminum
bodies rated for 207 bar (3000 psi) also available,
dimensions may differ.
See page 8.016.1_4w


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