HydraForce’s IoT Solution

In the past, software updates and support for a fleet vehicle or machine would require a dedicated trip into the field from a service technician or engineer, however today all that has changed.

Through HydraForce’s partnership with Epec Oy of Seinajoki, Finland, we can now offer IoT and telematics products for mobile hydraulic equipment applications. The IoT offerings include Epec’s GlobE and GatE cloud-based service and a new ERAU-6200 remote monitoring and access unit, powered by EPEC, that can be paired with HydraForce electronic control units (ECUs).

How IoT can revolutionize your fleet management

Mobile hydraulic equipment is part of the Internet of Things, thanks to the development of IoT solutions that effectively connect your machine to the cloud (IoT) and to each other (M2M). Due to this, it is now possible to have remote operation, machine performance telemetry, and analysis – all in real time.

If your business will benefit from any of the following possibilities, then introducing IoT will provide an effective solution to improve your fleet management system for the better.
  • machine
    Log and analyze machine data
  • monitoring
    Continuous condition monitoring
    of machinery
  • uptime
    Optimizing use of resources
  • geolocation
    Machine tracking/geolocation
  • laptop
    Remote desktop control of machine calibration
  • mobile
    Smartphone access to machine controls, operator and service manuals
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Here's what our customers have to say:

“HydraForce has provided an outstanding solution for troubleshooting, telematics and minimizing service calls”

Find out how using HydraForce’s ERAU-6200 has enabled Pneumat Solutions to provide easier and quicker solutions for software updates and customer support worldwide.

  • gate
    GatE Cloud Server
    GatE is a remote access software package for machine code troubleshooting. It provides a secure, encrypted gateway for all your machine’s data and enables remote monitoring, diagnostics and software updates. Remote access of a machine’s control system can help to reduce troubleshooting time, and reduce or eliminate the need for on-site visits by field service technicians.
  • globe
    GlobE Cloud Service
    GlobE is a cloud-based remote management package for control systems on machinery. Used in conjunction with HydraForce electronic control units, the GlobE IoT platform provides an easy way to monitor, log and store machine control data, adjust machine settings, and update control system software for the hydraulic systems on your machine. It is a proactive way to monitor, report, predict, prevent, and optimize hydraulic control systems for your machine.
  • erau
    Remote monitoring and access with the ERAU-6200
    Designed especially for use on mobile machines, the ERAU-6200 is the “brain” that processes data between GlobE and GatE and your machine/s. This versatile remote access unit has multiple use cases, including data collection, communication gateway, remote access and edge computing. It is fully compatible with the HydraForce line of electronic control units and supports the GlobE remote management platform and the GatE secure access solution. It can be programmed with CoDeSys 3.5 and functions with WebVisu and PLCopen libraries.

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  • ecu
    Programming with Electronic Control Units (ECUs)
    HydraForce ECU Electronic Control Units are at the heart of telematic solutions for hydraulic equipment, providing the “brains” for your machine control. If you’re looking for a simple control solution, the ECU-0809 has a single CAN interface. Larger I/O machine controls that require two CAN ports can be programmed with the ECU-0809A, ECU-0814A, ECU-2415A, ECU-2434A, or
    ECU-2820A. Four CAN ports are available on the ECU-3232A. For complete specifications on HydraForce ECUs, click below to learn more.

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Taking your business to the next level with IoT:

Reductions in cost and time
Reduce service costs and travel time through remote servicing

Easy to operate
Using an easy to use drag and drop interface

Improve uptime
By reducing service and warranty claims

Rapid software deployment
Deploy software changes quickly and easily customize software to meet your requirements

Connect to your network
Monitor and interact with equipment from any device.

Modify remotely
Change operating modes remotely by selecting your choice of skill levels, ranging from Novice to Expert mode

Monitor performance
Generate service reports and monitor fleet KPIs throughout the world

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