HydraForce Expands Electronic Valve Driver Family with Configurable ECDR-0506A
March, 2016
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HydraForce has expanded its range of electrohydraulic controls with the addition of the configurable ECDR-0506A electronic valve driver. It can be used to enhance the control of hydraulic proportional valves used for transmission control, vehicle traction control, joystick control, and mobile equipment work functions, such as lifting, lowering, and rotating.

The ECDR-0506A has a 32-bit processor and six inputs capable of various signal types; four analog and two digital. It has five outputs, four are closed loop and one is open loop. Its 8-32 Vdc voltage rating allows it to handle a range from battery to full voltage. It is also CAN-capable, with a CAN 2.0B communication interface capable of reading CANopen and SAE J1939 communication protocols. A bi-color LED, red and green, provides a quick status check for troubleshooting.

The valve driver is fully configurable using HF-Impulse configuration software, developed specifically for proportional valve control by HydraForce.

Designed for use in extreme environments, the ECDR-0506A driver has a robust, compact, and fully sealed housing that provides excellent environmental protection from moisture and contamination, and Deutsch connectors that qualify for the highest IP67 environmental rating. It has an operating temperature range from -40 to     85 °C (-40 to 185 °F).

The flexibility of the ECDR-0506A driver allows for the device to be easily configured for use in specialized applications, such as fan drives and transmission controls.

Configuration Diagram for the new ECDR-0506A driver

Design Specifications
• Operating Voltage: 8-32 Vdc
• Control Output: 1 to 2000 mA, 40 to 400 Hz
• Environmental Protection: IP67
• Microprocessor: 32-bit
• 12 bit A/D converter.
• Operating Temperature: -40 °C
   to +85 °C
• CE Certification: ISO 13309
Features Benefits
(2) Deutsch DT series connectors Fully potted assembly with sealed connections: designed for use in extreme environments.
HF-Impulse configurable Easy to learn and use function-block programming and configuration. No coding.
4 analog input (voltage, current, resistive) Six inputs and five outputs: developed specifically for proportional valve control.
2 digital inputs (frequency, PWM, on/off) Compact design: locate anywhere.
4 PWM outputs (current feedback) Fully networked CAN capable controller expands your vehicle architecture.
1 PWM output (calculated current control,
CAN port (CANOpen and SAE J1939)
LED for output / error monitoring (2 color)

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ECDR-O506A Demo Video
This video shows the features and benefits of the ECDR-0506A, the newest member of the HydraForce family of ExDR...
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ECDR-0506A Software Overview
Demonstration of how to use HF-Impulse software to configure the ECDR-0506A proportional valve driver.


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