Create Sophisticated Control Logic without Coding

HydraForce Expands Electronic Valve Driver Family with
Configurable ECDR Drivers
August, 2016

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ECDR-O506A Demo Video
This video shows the features and benefits of the ECDR-0506A, the newest member of the HydraForce family of ExDR...
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ECDR-0506A Software Overview
Demonstration of how to use HF-Impulse software to configure the ECDR-0506A proportional valve driver.

What can you control with the new ECDR valve drivers from HydraForce? Anything that your imagination can dream up. These new drivers are our most versatile products yet to join the ExDR family. With a moderate amount of I/O, these devices are right-sized for transmission control, drive and steering on a small scissor, skid-steer attachments, as a main controller, or any remote function in a distributed control network.

The ECDR–0506A, launched in April, 2016, was the first member of the ECDR family. ECDR-0201A now follows in August, 2016. And coming this Fall is the ECDR–0203A.

What’s really special about the new ECDRs is that you can develop simple or extremely complex control logic without writing code. Using the free HF-Impulse configuration software available on the HydraForce electronics portal, you can build control schemes using modular function blocks in a drag-and-drop configuration environment. With blocks available for a myriad of functions, only your creativity limits the options for creating control logic. And macro blocks give you the ability create reusable function libraries while simplifying the logic diagram.

With CAN 2.0B networking, ECDR valve drivers can interface with other controllers in a distributed control architecture. The larger ECDR–0506A can even control other CAN devices such as the ECDR–0201A.

Need a couple more outputs? No problem. Just add an ECDR. Now not even the I/O capacity of this driver can limit the size of your application.

The CAN2.0B interface communicates on either CANopen or SAE J1939 protocols for control and diagnostic messaging. With a CAN/USB converter and laptop, technicians can update software/firmware in the field or perform diagnostic monitoring.

All ECDR valve drivers operate on 9 to 32 Vdc. The operating temperature range is -40 to +85 °C (-40 to +185 °F). The compact molded enclosure is made from chemical-resistant Noryl™ glass-filled PPE and is fully potted. With fully sealed connectors, they achieve an IP67 or IP69K rating.

ECDR Valve Drivers At A Glance . . .
Specifications ECDR–0201A ECDR–0203A ECDR–0506A
Inputs 1 3 6
(2 digital only,
4 analog/digital)
Outputs 2 2 5
IP Rating IP69K TBD IP67
Connectors (1) Deutsch 8-pin (1) Deutsch 12-pin (2) Deutsch 12-pin
Dimensions 4.5 x 9 x 3 cm
2 x 3.5 x 1.25 in.
11 x 15 x 3 cm
4.25 x 6 x 1.25 in.
11 x 15 x 3 cm
4.25 x 6 x 1.25 in.
Weight 0.79 g (0.18 lb) 366 g. (0.8 lb) 366 g. (0.8 lb.)
Configuration Diagram for ECDR valve drivers

Robust and Durable
The ECDR valve drivers are robust units designed to survive in harsh environments on the most demanding vehicles. These devices have passed rigorous testing for shock, vibration, chemical resistance, and salt spray. A battery of electronic testing such as maximum load testing, reverse polarity, short circuit, and testing that simulates vehicle jump starting also proves their reliability. ECDR valve drivers can survive just about anywhere on your vehicle.

Easy to Configure
The ECDR valve drivers are configurable using free HF-Impulse software. They are configurable drivers. That means the software code is already written and loaded onto the device. You develop configuration logic that does not require writing code. This powerful function-block based configuration environment includes all the functionality you need to build hydraulic control schemes.

Function blocks are available for all the onboard hardware: inputs / outputs / current feedbacks / internals / LEDs. Standard function blocks include operators such as: compare / Boolean / math / select / timers / latches and loops. Utility function blocks allow signal scaling and sequencing operations: ramp / scale / sequence / PID control. Other useful utility blocks include macro blocks that allow logic reuse, and comment blocks that help organize and document your diagrams.
Then memory blocks interact with the on-board RAM and FRAM memory: variable / retain / write. And finally the CAN blocks let you interact with the CANopen and SAE J1939 networking functions: Rx / Tx / fault blocks / monitor bocks.


Diagnostic Features
Internal diagnostics protect the device and your equipment. When things aren’t working the way they should because of external or internal failure, the unit is able to shut down and report faults to the vehicle’s CAN network. Monitored fault conditions include: high input current, low/high power supply, output saturation, low/high output current, max output current, and various processor faults. All fault messages are logged internally and kept until cleared by the appropriate CAN diagnostic messaging requests. The unit’s LED indicator also has diagnostic flash codes, or you can use the LED to display your own customized flash codes.

ECDR valve drivers have a wide variety of possible uses, depending on I/O requirements of the application. The larger ECDR–0506A fits nicely as a main function controller on smaller machines or as an independent controller in a distributed network. The ECDR–0201A is convenient for applications that need just one or two outputs.
Here are just a few possibilities:
• Refuse truck lift and compact controls
• Agricultural implements
• Harvesters
• Attachments
• Remote/walk beside controls
• Scissor lifts
• Transmission control
Machine functions that are ideally suited for thisdriver include:
• Clutch control
• Fan control
• Joystick control
• Closed-loop position control
• Closed-loop pressure control
• Sequence control
• Speed control

The Right Fit
Economical and compact, yet feature packed, ECDR drivers are easy to program and easy on your budget. The ECDR–0201A measures only 3-1/2 inches high, nearly 2 inches wide and about 1-1/4 inches deep and weighs just a few ounces. The ECDR–0203A and ECDR–0506A use the same housing, which measures 6 inches high, 4-1/4 inches wide and 1-1/4 inches deep, and weighs less than a pound. Check out the YouTube demo today at and contact to find out more about the whole family of ECDR valve drivers available from HydraForce.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this document constitutes an implied warranty of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose. The information contained in this document is provided for technical illustration purposes only and may not be used as a statement of suitability for use in any particular application. Each application is unique and prospective purchasers should conduct their own tests and studies to determine the fitness of HydraForce's products for their particular purposes and specific applications.