HydraForce Releases Two Economical and Efficient Proportional Valve Drivers — ExDR-0101A and ExDR-0201A
January, 2015
HydraForce has released two economical and efficient proportional valve drivers. ExDR-0101A is a single output proportional driver with serial communications for configuration, and
ExDR-0201A is a dual output driver with SAE J1939 CAN communications. Ideal for use in off-highway mobile or industrial machinery, equipment attachments or ancillary devices; flexible ExDR proportional valve drivers work nicely as economical stand-alone units, or in distributed CAN systems.

"Every engineer has run into a situation where they’ve run out of I/O on their main ECU mid-design." said David Price, HydraForce marketing communications manager. "With its single or dual output control, ExDR can get you out of the conundrum of needing just one more output for a function that was added after initial concept. The ExDR drivers have also been tested for reliable operation outdoors and can tolerate extreme temperature, vibration and moisture which makes them ideal for mounting anywhere."

These drivers accept a variety of inputs and CAN messages to control a proportional valve to a user-defined metering profile. They feature compact on-valve mounting with integrated Deutsch DT-Series connectors for an IP rating of 69K, and are CE qualified. Built-in diagnostics detect fault conditions in the input or output signals and automatically deactivate the output until the condition is corrected. LED indicator(s) communicate output state or error conditions.

ExDR proportional valve drivers are configurable through HF-Impulse: an easy-to-use software tool available for free download at www.hydraforce.com/electronics. This tool sets all parameters for operation and can also flash the driver with firmware updates. Configure, flash and go: ExDR drivers require no programming, manual tuning, or adjustments.

Multiple personalities are available for each driver. General purpose drivers EVDR-0101A and EVDR-0201A drive one or two coil outputs with a user-defined metering profile featuring up to 3 breakpoints, and independent input/output ramps. The 0201A version can operate as a slave, responding to CAN messages.

Time-based proportional drivers ETDR-0101A and ETDR-0201A use a digital input to trigger the ramping sequence. They're useful for applications like clutch control, hot-shot, or soft start.
  ExDR-0101A and ExDR-0201A ExDR proportional valve drivers from HydraForce: ExDR-0201A (left) single input, dual output with SAE J1939 CAN communications, and ExDR-0101A (right) single input, single output proportional valve driver.

Proportional reversing fan control EFDR-0201A modulates fan speed based on input from a temperature sensor, or CAN messages from the engine control module. The second output controls a reversing function to periodically clean debris from the vehicle's radiator.

New ExDR proportional valve drivers are available for immediate shipment from HydraForce. See www.hydraforce.com for catalog listing and specifications. Technical information, start-up guides, and software are available on the HydraForce electronics portal at www.hydraforce.com/electronics.

HydraForce is the world’s leading independent designer and manufacturer of hydraulic cartridge valves, manifolds and electro-hydraulic controls for heavy duty mobile and industrial equipment. Founded in 1985, the company is headquartered near Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. and has plants in Birmingham, U.K. and near Shanghai, China.

ExDR-0101A and ExDR-0201A with body

ExDR-0101A and ExDR-0201A single and dual output proportional valve drivers simplify wiring with compact on-valve mounting and IP69K rating.