Multi-Function HSPECxx-34 Cartridge Valves Offer Efficient Load-Holding and Gravity-Lowering
March, 2014
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HSPECxx-34_valves The HSPECxx-34 electroproportional flow control valves are the next wave of high-pressure multi-function valves introduced by HydraForce, complementing the HSPECxx-30 models launched just last year.

While the HSPECxx-30 valves were designed for flow-sharing applications, the built-in damping of the HSPECxx-34 valves makes them ideal for superior load-holding while allowing for precise and stable flow control. They can also be applied in power-down and gravity-assisted lowering systems.

ISO symbols depict the multiple
functions of HSPECxx-34 cartridge valves.

FLOW RATING 98 lpm/26 gpm 60.5 lpm/16 gpm
36 lpm/9.5 gpm
350 bar (5075 psi);
10% cycle life; 420 bar (6090 psi)
Available in several sizes and flow ratings, from 36 lpm (9.5 gpm) to 98 lpm (26 gpm) HSPECxx-34 valves are rated to handle high hydraulic pressures of 350 bar (5075 psi).

HSPECxx-34 valves are pilot-operated, normally closed valves with a sealed internal compensator and a full-flow pump-blocking check. With inlet at port 3, the HSPECxx-34 regulates flow out of port 2 regardless of load pressure with the flow rate proportional to current applied to the solenoid. When de-energized, the HSPECxx-34 valve blocks flow from port 3 to 2.

Both the HSPECxx-30 and HSPECxx-34 valves provide multiple functions in a single cartridge, allowing the hydraulic manifold to be more compact in size, which results in reduced manifold space claim on a machine and greater flexibility in application.

Application Ideas for HSPECxx-34 Multi-Function Valves

Forklift trucks, telehandlers, and combine harvesters require precise control when adjusting their height as inefficient movement can cause a load to drop of decrease harvesting efficiency.

An ideal application for the HSPECxx-34 valves are lift, lower and tilt functions of a harvester header. The HSPECxx-34 valves can provide smooth and responsive raising/lowering of the header. These stable electrohydraulic control valves ensure the header follows terrain at a height that keeps dirt and debris out of the feed chute, providing maximum yield of good, clean crop.

HSPECxx-34 multi-function valves as applied in a circuit for smooth,
responsive lowering of a combine header.

An innovative application for the HSPECxx-34 valves is a boom control circuit that benefits from the ability to selectively choose between power-down and gravity-assisted lowering.

By using the boom's structurally induced load pressure, the HSPECxx-34 harnesses the natural force of gravity and provides smooth and stable lowering. With an emphasis toward increased efficiency, the HSPECxx-34 has the potential to convert gravity-assist lowering into significant fuel savings.


A typical application for HSPECxx-34 valves is for the single-acting lift cylinder of a forklift truck. The schematic above shows how the HSPECxx-34 can be used for the lowering function of the circuit.

The HSPECxx-34 proportional flow control valve is a high pressure, 3-way, normally closed, solenoid-operated cartridge valve designed for post-compensated applications with load-sense systems.

Load Holding
Load-holding is one of the HSPECxx-34 valve's most useful features.

Low Leakage The sealed compensator of the HSPECxx-34 valve reduces the potential for hydraulic leakage.

Space Savings
A single HSPECxx-34 valve replaces several valves as it combines the functionality of an electro-proportional flow control valve, a pressure compensating logic element and a load-holding valve. This takes up less space in the manifold, allowing it to have a smaller "hydraulic footprint." This translates to savings in multiple areas - reduced size and weight for the machine, lower fuel cost, greater efficiency, parts consolidation, etc.

For More Information
If you have questions about the new HSPECxx-34 cartridge valves, contact your HydraForce Regional Sales Manager.
Features Benefits
Sealed compensator and poppet-style configuration. Low hydraulic leakage.
Built-in damping. Smooth lowering capability.
Multi-function. Reduced manifold space claim and improved circuit efficiencies.
Waterproof E-coils rated up to IP69K are standard. Can be specified in wet, humid, and outdoor applications.
Several flow ratings from 35 to 132 lpm (9 to 35 gpm) Well-suited for a range of applications.
Operating pressure to 5075 psi/350 bar continuous duty; 420 bar (6090 psi) 10% cycle life. Can be specified for high-pressure, horsepower-efficient applications.
Tested to 1 million cycles at full rated flow and pressure. Long life; no worries about wear or decreased performance over time.
Designed, inspected and tested to HydraForce Quality standards with 5-year warranty. (See full warranty statement in the catalog.) Guaranteed use for five years or longer.

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