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New Solenoid-operated valve with built-in reverse-flow check can reduce system cost and manifold space claim
June 27, 2011

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New SVCV12-20 multi-function valve can help reduce costs in low leakage applications. The SVCV12-20 is the latest addition to the solenoid operated, two-way, pilot-operated valves with outlet flow check. Being poppet-style valves, the SVCVs are well-suited for load-holding or blocking applications. And being uni-directional, they are ideal for single-acting cylinder applications. The SVCV12-20 is rated for flows up to 30 gpm / 114 lpm. The SVCV08-20 and SVCV08-21 are rated for flows up to 6 gpm/22.7 lpm, All SVCV valves feature a low-leakage rate of 5 dpm between ports 2 to 1.

SVCV combined solenoid vave with built in load-holding check valve

With conventional single-function valves, a solenoid valve and a separate reverse flow check valve would have been required to achieve the same functionality. By using one cartridge instead of two, you reduce the manifold space claim on your machine, as well as reduce the cost, cavity machining, and weight of your manifold assembly. By utilizing the combined SVCV in your manifold assembly instead of individual components, you can expect an approximate savings of 12 percent.

Although the SVCV valves are 2-way valves, they require a 3-way cavity, with the normal inlet at cavity port 3 (valve port 2) and with the outlet at cavity ports 1 and 2 blocked. However, cavity port 2 can be connected as an alternate outlet port, this will increase pressure drop slightly. When using the SVCV12-20, at flows greater than 15 gpm / 57 lpm, pressure drop will be lower if port 2 is connected to port 1. This trait offers manifold design and application flexibility.

Load holding circuits using the SVCV solenoid valve with built in check valve
Features Benefits
Reduced manifold space claim. Eliminating cavities allows for optimal packaging and lighter-weight manifolds.
Compact, multi-function solenoid valve with integral outlet- flow check. Dual functionality reduces the cost of including these functions in a manifold by 12%.
Industry common cavity Easy manifold machining using standard tooling and set-up configurations.
Poppet-style construction. Suitable for load-holding applications.
Manual-override options available. SVCV08-20 has 'M' Manual override option. SVCV08-21 has 'P' and 'K' option.
Optional waterproof E-Coils rated up to IP69K. Reliability in the harshest, most severe operating conditions.
Hardened seat for long life and low leakage. Reliable operation in mobile machinery application conditions.
5-year limited warranty. See full warranty statement in the catalog or website. Confidence, with the backing of the industry's leading manufacturer of hydraulic cartridge valves.
Tested to 1 million cycles at max. rated flow and pressure. Long life without wear or decreased performance over time.

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this document constitutes an implied warranty of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose. The information contained in this document is provided for technical illustration purposes only and may not be used as a statement of suitability for use in any particular application. Each application is unique and prospective purchasers should conduct their own tests and studies to determine the fitness of HydraForce's products for their particular purposes and specific applications.


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