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HydraForce Awarded Patent for Innovative
SPCL and SVCL Design
July, 2011

Valve Designer Randy Jackson, Application Engineer Jeff Oligmueller, and VP of Sales and Marketing Tony Casale were awarded patents for their input on the design and development of the SPCL series of valves.

SPCL16-40 valve

The valves design incorporates multiple functions, including proportional directional control, load sense check valves, and reverse and isolation check valves into a single cartridge. This series of valves can help OEM design engineers reduce the space claim of manifolds in their systems as well as giving them another option when designing higher flow directional functions that require low leakage and meter-in/meter-out capabilities.

These valves come in the 10 and 16 cavity size, can withstand operating pressures of 3500 psi / 250 bar, and can accommodate flow ranges up to 40 gpm/152 lpm.

For more information on the use of these valves, click here


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