HydraForce Covid-19 Update

April 2020

HydraForce is taking several steps to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, while keeping our commitment to protect the health and safety of our customers and our employees. We take this obligation very seriously. We remain open for business at this time with a special focus on our critical mission of maintaining a safe workplace anyone that enters our facilities.

There are no plans to stop or suspend construction, agriculture or military efforts because of this health crisis at this time. Workers who support the construction of critical or strategic infrastructure, food supply and defense are considered essential by the Department of Homeland Security and have a special responsibility to maintain a normal work schedule.

Throughout this crisis, HydraForce remains vigilant in our efforts to maintain a safe workspace. The global pandemic and the implications for employee safety are always our top concern. The management team at all our locations meet regularly to implement how we can best protect our employees against the virus. There have been many changes to policies, procedures, operating practices, cleaning practices, and social distancing. We feel we have taken the appropriate steps to provide an environment that is safe for our employees and support our goal for long-term financial stability for our employees and other business partners. We have implemented daily temperature checks , provided safety masks to employees, and have staggered lunch, break, and shift start times to ensure proper social distancing.

We will continue to ask all our business partners and our employees to follow established guidelines of maintaining 6 foot distant, washing your hands, covering your mouth when you cough and staying home when they are sick.

HydraForce is an essential business in the manufacturing hub of the nation. With that distinction comes a huge responsibility that our company is prepared to meet while making sure we do our jobs safely for our employees, our partners, and our customers.

Jim Brizzolara
President and CEO