Electro-Proportional Valves — Pressure Control

TS12-37F — Proportional Pressure Reducing/Relieving Valve
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TS10-27 Valve
U.S. Patent 7,137,406

TS08-27 Valve symbol
A pilot-operated, spool type, proportional pressure reducing/relieving valve.
The regulated pressure is inversely proportional to the input electrical current.
This valve is factory pre-set to a specified pressure range.

In its steady state, the TS12-37F allows flow from port 2 to 1 with the spring chamber
constantly drained at port 3. Upon attainment of a pre-determined pressure at port 1,
the spool shifts to restrict inlet flow from port 2, thereby regulating pressure at port 1.
In this mode, the valve will also relieve port 1 to 3.

• Factory pre-set to specified pressure range.
• 12 and 24 volt coils, standard or optional waterproofed.

Pressure Rating: 276 bar (4000 psi) at port 2.
Proof Pressure: 414 bar (6000 psi) at port 1 297 bar (3000 psi) at port 2.
Burst Pressure: 814 bar (11,800 psi) at all ports.
Crack Pressure Range at 0 Current: 241 to 55 bar (3500 to 800 psi)
   Note: Tank port pressure is additive to valve setting.
Minimum Reducing Pressure Range: 6.9 bar (100 psi) at max current
Electrical Parameters:
COIL Typical Max. Current (A)
at 0 gpm
Typical Resistance ±5%
at 20°C (ohms)
Typical Apparent
Inductance (mH)
12 VDC 24 VDC 12 VDC 24 VDC 12 VDC 24 VDC
D-Coil 1.3 - 0.75 0.65 - 0.37 6.7 ohms ±5% 25.0 ohms ±5% 134 mH 500 mH
E-Coil 1.35 - 0.8 0.68 - 0.4 7.32 ohms ±5% 29.0 ohms ±5% 139 mH 560 mH
Dither Frequency: 200 Hz
Rated Flow: 190 lpm (50 gpm)
Hysteresis: (PWM 200 Hz): 4% maximum
Maximum Leakage from Port 1: 320 ml/min. 20 cu. in./min.
Maximum Pilot Flow: 454 ml/min. (0.12 gpm)
Temperature: -40° to 100°C (-40° to 212°F) with Buna seals;
   -26° to 204°C (-15° to 400°F) with fluorocarbon seals;
   -54° to 107°C (-65° to 225°F) with polyurethane seals
Filtration: See page 9.010.1
Fluids: Mineral-based or synthetics with lubricating properties at viscosities of
   7.4 to 420 cSt (50 to 2000 sus); See Temperature and Oil Viscosity, page 9.060.1
Cavity: VC12-3; See page 9.112.1_3w
Cavity Tool: CT12-3XX; See page 8.600.1
Seal Kit: SK12-3X-BM; See page 8.650.1
Coil Nut: Part No. 4526330

See model EFDR2 Multi-Input Fan Drive Controller, or EVDR-Type Controller Selection Guide,
or for other Electronic Controllers, see page 2.001.1_pdf




TS10-27 Valve Performance Chart


TS10-27 Performance curves



TS10-27 Valve Dimensions



Cartridge: Weight: 0.30 kg (0.66 lb) Steel
with hardened work surfaces. Zinc-plated
exposed surfaces. Buna N O-rings and
polyester elastomer back-ups standard.
Optional polyurethane seals with fluorocarbon
back-up recommended for pressures over
240 bar (3500 psi).

Standard Ported Body: Weight: 0.23 kg
(0.50 lb); Anodized high-strength aluminum
alloy, rated to 207 bar (3000 psi). Ductile iron
bodies available; dimensions may differ;
consult factory. See page 8.012.1_3w.

Standard Coil: Weight: 0.32 kg (0.7 lb)
Unitized thermoplastic encapsulated,
Class H high temperature magnet-wire.
See page 3.200.1_10-size.

E-Coil: Weight: 0.41 kg (0.9 lb) Fully
encapsulated with rugged external metal shell.
Rated up to IP69K with integral connectors.
See page 3.400.1_10-size.



TS10-27 Ordering Chart